FH Leadership Development Internship

The Father’s House Leadership Development Internship Program is designed to provide hands-on experience, growth, and foundations necessary to help you become an effective leader in the Kingdom of God.  While your leadership training will be in a context of the church extending the Kingdom, what you will learn and develop are skills that will help you go to the next level whether your calling is to serve inside the church or in a sphere of culture.
We are looking for fully consecrated disciples who have already been through ministry school of some form, internship, or have had strong discipleship and mentoring that has given them a platform to dive deeper into leadership development and Christ-like life.  Father’s House wants to invest into your leadership capacity so you can skillfully reach and accomplish the purposes of God in your life.  
If you are interested in exploring this powerful opportunities, we encourage you to explore this program further by clicking on the links below.
Internship Opportunities