John Maxwell says “things raise and fall because of leadership”. We may be talented, we may be called, anointed, gifted, and faithful, but without proven leadership skills we can fall short and have unnecessary struggles.  At the Leadership Development Workshop we are going to learn how to enlarge your leadership capacity, how to develop you leadership to the point you can run with all that God has called you to. It doesn’t matter what sphere of culture you are called to, leadership is one of the most vital skills you will need.
This Workshop will be taught by Steve and members of Father’s House who have learn expertise and in various areas of life, from family, to business, to church ministry.  The cost is just $10.00 and it starts right at 10:00 AM (coffee and pastries for those who arrive a little early) and it will run till about 12:20 pm.  To register up just click on the on the registration bottom.