Father’s House is a church family on a mission to see the city of Portland and its surrounding areas become  transformed by the message and power of the Kingdom of God in order to become a place that releases life, healing and salvation to the world.  We seek to model a culture that is characterized by passionate worship, God’s presence, transformative work in its city and community, and supernatural encounters, all in the context of a loving family on mission.
– The presence of God is central to all we are and do.
– Living from Heaven to Earth is our commission.
– We are dependent on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.
– All people have been created by God in His image and are called to become sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God, so we will value and love people unconditionally.
– We live out the Isaiah 58 mandate to serve the poor and oppressed, and the Isaiah 61 mandate to bring good news, freedom to the captive and restoration to the sick and hurting.
Ty & Daneen Bottler
Senior Leaders, Elders
Jeff & Kathi Petlon
Small Group Overseers, Elders
Deborah Trujillo
Tim & Clarene Bottler
Pastoral Department & Elders
Paul & Mary Jones
Clark County Pastors
Jeremy & Sarah Haug
Westside Metro Pastors
Matthew & Molly Barron
Central Metro Pastors
Ted & Lisa Bottler
Eastside Metro Pastors
Marissa Trujillo
Ministry Administrator
Youth & Young Adults Ministry
Tony Trujillo
Youth & Young Adults Ministry
Becca Hoover
Children’s Ministry Pastor
Trey Regester
Evangelism & Discipleship Overseer
Andrew Pomeroy