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Say Oregon

This page is dedicated to highlighting the people of Father’s House who are impacting the world of business, education, media, family, government, art and spirituality in a way that brings the message of the Kingdom of God into those spheres of influence.  Currently we are featuring Logan Anderson.  Born and raised in the greater area of Portland, Oregon Logan has loved photography and the outdoors for as long as he can remember. His passion for film and the beauty of his home state is his spark to create fun ways to share unique memories.  Here is his story in his words


What is my vision for the company?

I’ve owned an instant camera for several years. Most everyone who sees the photo pop out after I snap a picture says, “Oh wow! One of those old cameras.” 

I kindly inform these individuals that it is in fact a modern day camera that I purchased at my local Best Buy. That tells me there aren’t so many people who know about modern day instant film, and I want to change that. As much as I love instant film, I am eager to help others discover that same love. My vision for the company is to become a point of sale and service for all kinds of modern day instant film products as well as developing my own products to share with the world.

Who do I want to impact?

Taking photos and handing them out for free is an amazing excuse to interact with someone. For anyone that will listen, it’s an opportunity to preach the gospel and share the love of Jesus. It starts simply by offering them a free gift, purely for their benefit and joy of a blessing. Ultimately, the Lord means to impact Arts & Entertainment through my life. As my business is an avenue to express the love of God to anyone and everyone, it is also a means that will allow me to focus on creating art to the Glory of His Kingdom.

What does God want to express through me?My life has been marked by exceptional creativity. Before I officially started my business, God inspired me to make a small picture frame that would fit the mini instant photos I sell. In the development process of that, there were many nights where I stayed up for hours, asking Him questions and marveling at the solutions for what is now the first original product in my store. I am overwhelmed at His attentive, fatherly behavior through this whole venture. He is a genius! There are many ideas that he has given me for products and services that I can’t wait to reveal.


What does the business do?

Practically speaking, Say Oregon sells instant film products and services. I offer digital photos printed on multiple instant film formats as well as photography in these formats. At this time I also sell a handmade wooden picture frame in the shape of Oregon. It’s made especially for Instax Mini photographs and comes in two natural wood colors: Cherry and Walnut.

How can customers connect to me?

Right now, all of my products are sold on Etsy. If you’re interested in making a purchase for yourself or sending someone a gift, you can visit the Etsy shop by going to www.sayoregon.store. Otherwise please connect with me through social media on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out via email by writing to shop.sayoregon@gmail.com